Working / Investing in the UK

Are you hoping to work in the UK? Are you already working here and want to extend your stay?

Our immigration lawyers are experts in the ‘Points Based System’ (PBS) which applies to most foreign workers in the UK.

The PBS is intended for foreign nationals who wish to invest, set up in business or work in Britain. We can work with you to identify the part of the PBS that best suits your own circumstances. We can also advise employers and prospective workers on the many difficulties involved in this increasingly complex area of immigration law.

In broad terms the PBS levels are:

  • Tier 1Entrepreneurs and investors
  • Tier 2 Skilled workers on the shortage occupation list, when employers cannot find local workers or intra-company transfers
  • Tier 5: Temporary Workers
  • Our expert Immigration lawyers will be happy to discuss the details of the Points Based System and their implications for you at an informal initial consultation.

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