Immigration Bail

Release from Detention

If you have been picked up by the immigration authorities and detained, you can apply to be released on Immigration Bail.

You can apply for Immigration Bail if the Home Office is holding you on immigration matters. They may hold you because they believe you are in the UK illegally or that you have broken the rules around your stay in the UK.

If you apply successfully for Immigration Bail, you might be released from detention but you’ll have to obey conditions.

You can apply whether you’re held in an immigration removal centre, a detention centre or a prison. You must be held on immigration matters - not criminal matters.

There is no time limit on immigration detention which means the Home Office can hold you for as long as they wish. While most people are in detention for a few days or weeks, some people stay in detention for much longer, even for years.

It is important to present a well prepared Immigration Bail application because if it is refused it is likely you will not be able to make a further application for another 28 days.

If successful, you will be released from detention but usually with conditions such as: 

  • you must live at a certain address 
  • you must report to the immigration authorities at certain times
  • a promise must be made by you or someone else to pay a sum of money if you breach your bail conditions

Working with us

We are able to advise upon and prepare Immigration Bail applications. These are made directly to the Home Secretary or we can present your bail application in front of a Judge in the Immigration Tribunal. 

We will advise in particular when you’re more likely to get bail and when you might not get released on bail. Timing is important and we can ensure that that your application is more likely to be granted.

The Judge or Home Secretary will decide on the bail application by considering: 

  • whether you are likely to breach your bail conditions 
  • whether you have any previous criminal convictions
  • if your release would endanger public health or public order
  • whether you should be kept in detention for your own safety or the safety of others
  • anything else considered relevant

We will work with you and your family to present the strongest arguments on your behalf to address these factors.

Sometimes we discover that our Immigration Bail clients are eligible to apply for lawful immigration status in the UK. If that is the case, we can advise you.

How does the process of immigration bail work?

You are likely to be calling us from a detention centre or a member of your family might call us. We can be contacted at any time on the mobile number you will find on our website. 

We will take details of your situation and act quickly. Make no mistake, immigration detention is a very stressful experience. We know that and will do everything we can to assess the situation and act in your best interests.

"Best I've ever known."

Juanne Nicholas

Our team has a huge amount of experience dealing with Immigration Bail applications. You need someone who knows exactly how the system works and what can be done to put an end to your detention. That is what we can provide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My partner was detained when he went to report at the police station. They are threatening him with removal. How quickly can this happen?

The Home Office must follow a set procedure before they can remove your partner from the UK. There are several stages. We can take a look at his situation and advise on the options for him including whether an application for Immigration Bail is likely to be successful.

Can I get Legal Aid for an Immigration Bail application? 

No. Legal Aid is not available for this work.

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Release from Detention
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