Are you a 'Dreamer'?

Posted On: Monday, January 22nd, 2018 @ 12:52 pm by Sallie Davies

You may have heard of the ňúDreamers’ in America. These are undocumented migrants children who entered the United States illegally with their parents when they were young . They have lived all their lives in America and most came from Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. American politicians are currently arguing about whether or not they should be given the chance to get legal status. Under Barack Obama they were given that chance but President Trump wants to stop this as part of his drive to remove illegal immigrants from America.

There are people in the UK in the same situation. Brought over here when they were small (sometimes very small) children, often on a visit visa or entering illegally, but they stayed here with relatives. Sometimes they came to the UK because a parent had died or was unable to look after them. They went to school here, got qualifications, made lots of friends, and now find that they cannot go to college, rent a flat or get a job because they cannot prove they have the right to live here. And yet they feel British because the UK is all they have ever known.

The difference between here and America is that UK Dreamers do have a chance to make themselves secure with a legal status. They can apply for leave to remain on the grounds of private life and after ten years they can apply for indefinite leave to remain and then later, British citizenship. It is an expensive and long-winded process, - too expensive and long-winded - but security is the reward.

Let us hope the Americans give these young people the same rights. They should not be penalised because of the actions of the adults who cared for them.


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